Applications are closed for Fall 2023

Are you passionate about software and social impact? Are you looking to join a unique and close-knit community? Join Us! Our mission provides a distinct experience to develop technical skills and interact with nonprofit clients all while applying your skills to impact real lives.


Hack4Impact Designers

Interested in designing projects for a wide variety of applications and real partners? Apply to Hack4Impact's design team!


Hack4Impact Developers

Interested in developing products for social good that benefit organizations in your community? Apply to Hack4Impact's development team!


Hack4Impact Business Members

Interested in product research, marketing, finance, and innovation in the tech and social good space? Apply to Hack4Impact's business team!

We are recruiting designers, developers, and business members during Fall 2023! We are only recruiting upperclassmen! All applicants must fill out the general project team application along with the Hack4Impact application below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications for undergraduate designers are due 8/31/23 at 11:59 pm. We usually announce recruitment officially on our Instagram (@cornellhack4impact) at the start of each semester, and you can also find our application on the project team "Join a Team" webpage!

The main thing we look for is passion for social impact and interest in growing on the team. Tell us what social causes you are passionate about and why! We also look for prospective members to be proactive, collaborative, and friendly because building a community is an important part of our team culture. Additionally, although technical experience is helpful, we mostly look for the ability to ask good questions, and problem solve independently and with others.

There will be two interviews for the developer and designer positions, and one interview for the business position (taking place during first round interviews). Depending on the role that you applied for, the structure of each will vary. However, across all roles, you should expect questions on technical content and separate questions on behavioral skills. For example, if you are applying to be a developer, you will have coding questions as well as questions about your soft skills.

There is nothing mandatory that you need to prepare for the interview. However, we suggest you brush up on your technical skills for the role you are applying for, and bring a laptop to the interview. Additionally, be prepared to talk about the prior experiences you listed in your paper application.

This is hard to say - we don't have a set amount. We recruit a different amount each semester depending on our projects, which range from 4-6 developers, 2-3 designers, and 2-3 business members.

If we are only recruiting certain groups of students (i.e., only upperclassmen, only freshmen), we suggest that you take this round of recruitment to prepare for when we recruit next. You can do so by coffee chatting current members and asking them what they did to prepare for their application process.

Yes, starting Fall 2022!

As a new member on a project team, you will be required to enroll in ENGRG 1400 (new member onboarding) for 1 credit S/U and ENGRG 3400 for 1-2 credits graded or S/U. All existing members will enroll in 3 credits graded.

Hack4Impact was founded as a club at UPenn in 2014. Since then, the club has grown into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, helping colleges start chapters all around the country! The Cornell chapter was established Spring 2018.

YES! Please re-apply. Many of our members did not get in the first time, and we strongly encourage you to submit another application!

For a developer, up to 8-10 hours per week.

For a designer, up to 8-10 hours per week.

For a member of our business team, 6-8 hours per week.