Clean The World Foundation has a need to provide affordable and clean access to communities outside of the water grid in Lima, Peru. In order to do this, Clean The World Foundation has partnered with multiple organizations to install fog nets around the city and the organization wishes to increase the scale at which these fog nets are manufactured and deployed. Before increasing the project in scale, they want to determine the feasibility and efficiency of these fog catchers so they know that it is a worthwhile project that the community will truly benefit from.


The Hack4Impact team at Cornell is assisting Clean The World Foundation by creating a mobile app to collect data from users on how the fog catchers are performing by using metrics such as volume of water collected, quality of water, and how much water is being used. They want to be able to tie back these metrics to individual fog catchers to know which locations are the best for capturing water. With the collected data, we also want to build a data visualization dashboard to help users interpret the efficiency and work that the fog nets are doing. The data collected through this app will serve as a decision-making tool for leaders to observe and make more informed decisions on whether to fund the expansion of fog catchers or not.