Lagos Food Bank has a need to streamline their volunteer/program signup, program/event tracking, and volunteer work tracking. Lagos Food Bank uses a Mailchimp signup form for volunteer signup, and volunteers sign up for particular programs by sending an Instagram direct message. Additionally, program/event tracking is currently done through Google Form responses. Finally, volunteer work tracking is done completely on paper. When volunteers submit requests for community service certificates, their volunteer hours must be manually confirmed by Lagos Food Bank staff.


The Hack4Impact team at Cornell wishes to assist Lagos Food Bank by creating a volunteer management platform that facilitates volunteer signup, event tracking, and volunteer work hours tracking. After a volunteer signs up on the platform, they can RSVP for specific events and view a list of upcoming events. Event supervisors can create new events and send event signup forms to prospective volunteers. When a volunteer shows up to their registered event, supervisors confirm their attendance on the platform, and this automatically updates the volunteer’s hours.